07 April 2010

{under $20 fave}

I have lots of fun kitchen gadgets that I love.  In fact, every week I pretty much declare one of them my favorite.  This week it's my salad spinner.  *Sigh* 

It's fantastic.  I know most people have a salad spinner, but I just got it.  Literally...this picture, is the first time that I used it.  AND...I got it for $16.  For some reason, I thought it would be much more, but nope.  (And, that's why I bought it...even though I wasn't out shopping for one. hehe) I'm not sure how I lived without one for so long, since we pretty much have salad every other (if not every) dinner.

Great life saver!!

{For those of you wondering...I purchased a small Zyliss Salad Spinner.}


jmae3 said...

!!! The salad spinner is for sure a fav of mine! I like to cut, wash and spin my salad at the beginning of the week-this encourages me to eat more salad since it's already prepared and easy to just grab!

J said...

I used to have one but I hated how bulky it was and I never had a good place to store it. Plus, it was one more thing to clean.
Now, though, I've noticed myself wishing I has one. I think it is time that, I too, buy a spinner.
Where did you find yours?

naphtali said...

Jmae - great idea to prepare things early. Definitely a good 'encourager' to eat healthy!

naphtali said...

J - it will make your life easier! I got a small-small one. Perfect for "two". If we have company, then I just wash more. It makes it much easier to store - because, I agree that they can be bulky! I purchased a zyliss salad spinner. Found it at Marshall's at a reduced price!

Kenziepoo said...

I need to get a new Salad Spinner!! This looks like a great one!

.:meagan.rae:. said...

i am NOW craving salad :) xx

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

A reminder that I need to eat more greens! And buy a new salad spinner. Oh the little things that bring us joy : )
xo katie

naphtali said...

Katie - I totally's the little things!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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