28 April 2010

{hello, 29. pleased to meet you.}

It's my birthday! And though I don't generally shout that out, I can't help but take note of my last birthday in my 20's.

I've celebrated my birthdays in many places that I've lived, including Idaho, France, Oklahoma, Alaska, Washington and now Texas. (Oh, and even the hospital - as you can see below!)  I had my second birthday in the hospital after compound fracturing my femur.  Yikes!  The experience was much more traumatic for my parents, as I have no memory of the ordeal. But, grew up with a scar that proves what happened. Either way - my parents tried to make the day as special as possible.

Two years later, on my fourth birthday, I burst into tears! (And, this I COMPLETELY remember).  I was such a shy one, that when all the attention turned to me, I got completely overwhelmed.  My parents were so sweet to me and tried to console me.  (You can see my tears in the below photo.) Alas, I turned out okay... :)

And now, here I am...the last year of my 20's.    So - here's to celebrating in a new "home"!

Hope you're enjoying this lovely Wednesday!



Lemondrop Marie said...

Happiest of bdays to you! Sweet pics.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Couture Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, darling!


Krissy said...

happiest of happy birthdays to you dear!

Lillian Chang said...

Happy Birthday!! :)
It'll be a great time to reflect back on your 20s, lessons learned and all, and looking forward to the future, reaping the benefits of all those hard-earned lessons in the 30s...
But also in the meanwhile, take the time to really enjoy this day and that everyone will be celebrating you!! :)
Happy Birthday, hope it's an amazing day!!
(And a safe one too :)

Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I celebrate my 30th in May, Yikes!

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hope it's been lovely. What a cutie your were (and still are!)!

XX katie

Simply Mel said...

Happy Birthday to you ~ April birthdays are the best!

Willow said...

Those pictures made me a little teary-eyed. You are the best. Happy Birthday!! vie said...

Thank you ALL for your dear birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful day full of surprises and lots of love. Hope you enjoyed your day, as well!


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