29 May 2009

{day dreaming}

vintageparis0, originally uploaded by Miel et Soleil.

Moving actually can be fun! ....Especially, when you find old boxes full of pictures {before digital cameras}. I have so many pics from 'la France' - I'm in heaven. Ok...back to reality {we're supposed to be out of here today}! I'll be away for a while {until our internet is back up and running}.

What are your plans for this weekend?


27 May 2009

{a nap in the sun}

What I would give to clear this small little bench, curl up on my side and fall asleep in the sun. I feel utterly exhausted lately, and my job + this move isn't helping. But, I'm not complaining! I'm grateful for my job and so happy to be moving. Sorry, however, that it means a lack of inspiration and sporatic posting on my part.

I think I'm going to go outside before packing anything more and drink in this gorgeous weather for a bit. Maybe a stroll around the block will help?!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

{image: revolutionarygirl via desire to inspire}

26 May 2009

{blog merging}

With the extent of my job, always pending 'ventures', current move, new boss and summer {travel, games, family, fun} schedule, I have decided to stop blogging on Belle Chic Cuisine and instead merge my two blogs. I look forward to blogging here about some of my favorite recipes, kitchen ideas and new food finds! And...I wouldn't mind baking up some Meringues in the vintage oven shown above!

{image via here}

25 May 2009

{happy memorial day!}

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day! I'm so honored by those that have served and died for our country. May their families and loved ones be overwhelmingly blessed!

Enjoy this special day dear ones!

{via here}

24 May 2009


Today we're signing our lease and getting ready for the big move this week. Down-sizing is overwhelming, but at the same time liberating. Why worry about that though, when I can get sucked into these lovely pics! Of course...don't you know that it's research for our new place?! :) Loving grey {as always}....

and lately, I've been craving blue, seafoam green...or something random like that for our kitchen. Hmm. Don't know why - but it's in the front of my mind. Should I act on it?

What I really should be focused on {besides the move and all} is throwing a lovely picnic!!! Wouldn't this be a perfect dream for this long weekend?!

{via home sweet home & flickr}

22 May 2009

{j'aime le vendredi}

I love Fridays. :) I really do. I actually love most days, but this week, Friday may be my most favorite... Here are some other things I love:

j'aime modern baby bassinets {no...I'm not needing one of these, but since my sister is due any second, I have baby on my mind!}

j'aime pretty mobiles to hang over the bassinet...

j'aime romantic linens on a cozy daybed...

Happy LONG weekend lovelies!

{photos 1 & 2 via: Shoestring; photo 3 via: Cabbages & Roses}

21 May 2009

{dreaming the day away....}

This house is quite spectacular. I've posted some of their FANTASTIC kitchen pics {click HERE to view those...} I couldn't resist highlighting the rest of the home. The use of color is perfect and mixes modern convenience with craftman beauty...{got to love Seattle}.

I found this home via a friend, who worked for the owners. Their company JAS Design Build does beautiful you can see from the home above! Did you notice the hand molds {previously used for making gloves...} or the perfect subway tile...or the little coves, fantastic for taking a nap or reading...

*So here I am, dreaming the day away, while I should be focusing on the myriad tasks at hand! Sometimes dreams are 'prettier' than reality, so maybe I'll relish, just a tad bit longer. :)

20 May 2009

{time to love}

I am in LOVE with these doily clocks by Brenda Rose. Thanks to a daily inspiration: Down and Out Chic...I happened upon this fabulous find which she posted the other day. Hopefully one of these beauties will be gracing our new place {thanks Mister}.

{photos from here. inspiration from HERE}

**these clocks did seem familiar to me, so if you had posted them too, feel free to let me know and I'll link back to you, as well.

{new home inspiration}

Wouldn't mind taking some inspiration from this room! Even Mister was looking at it last night and said, "wow - could we do something like that in our new place?" I like where his head is! {And check out the paint color!} Hmm...Well, don't really have any furniture that inspires the above, but if that's what Mister wants....{hehe}

{photo: A.T.}

19 May 2009

{fresh paint in grey?}

We're moving! YAY! I'm so excited for the change, but the task ahead of us is also quite overwhilming. We have 1 1/2 weeks to downsize our lives from a current 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath to a 1 bedroom, 1 bath. Some stuff is destined for storage, other things, the trash, and other things donantion. But...why focus on that, when I can focus on paint colors! :) I am afterall, going to be painting. No matter how I try to 'break free', I constantly come back to the grey color featured above. Oh, the decisions!

18 May 2009

{two happy birthdays!!}

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

I couldn't help but share this adorable photo of my grandmother. Happy Birthday my sweet Meme. I love you so much!

Happy Birthday, Krystal!

I love and miss you. Hoping this day is filled with fun surprises. xoxo

{first photo: personal. second photo: etsy}

17 May 2009

{loving these....} items from Urban Outfitters. Hoping to add them to my home soon.

Here's to a lovely spring Sunday!


15 May 2009

{j'aime, j'aime, j'aime}

1}l'ateliers 2}Amy Butler Fabric 3} Sa-Sea Boutique pillow

Happy Friday lovelies! Any plans for the weekend? Mister and I are checking out a new place to live and hope to catch a film.

{chair love}

{Chaise Sperlich via L'atelier(s)}

14 May 2009

{the farm chicks}

I love when people take a passion and turn it into a unique and fun business.  The Farm Chicks did just that and in 2002 their business started and they hosted their First Annual Antique Show.  I've heard a bunch about these clever gals...being since they're from Spokane, WA {my old stomping grounds}, but unfortunately didn't know much about them.  After a quick conversation with a dear friend last weekend, my curiousty peaked.    Why do I admire these 'chicks'?   1) They wear aprons all the time!!! Just because they want to. {I love aprons.}   2) Their book has some awesome recipes which I can't wait to try.  3) They're just plain clever.  Oh...and they make some cute things! This 'cake' necklace is adorable {and so is the tractor}!    Read more about them here! And...if you're in the area - they have another Antique Show coming up the first weekend in June!   **If you're looking for a new cookbook - I'd suggest theirs.  It just was printed in April 2009. Puchase it here!

{antiques, cooking and a bit of creativity}

If you haven't heard of The Farm should check them out here! Originally from the Spokane WA area I have a bit of admiration for their talent. Their next Antique Show takes place the first weekend of June!

Happy Thursday!

{smart women}

Sometimes, working in a rather quiet and somewhat colorless finance office, my mind wanders. I've often thought about bringing in decor lamps, some fun fabrics and chic frames. After all - I spend hours after hours in this one little space. But, my 'decor' budget generally gets donated to our home. That being said, maybe if I got some of these things from Smart Women, it would help me focus a bit! Love the retro personality found in nearly every item. Check more out here!


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