14 May 2009

{smart women}

Sometimes, working in a rather quiet and somewhat colorless finance office, my mind wanders. I've often thought about bringing in decor lamps, some fun fabrics and chic frames. After all - I spend hours after hours in this one little space. But, my 'decor' budget generally gets donated to our home. That being said, maybe if I got some of these things from Smart Women, it would help me focus a bit! Love the retro personality found in nearly every item. Check more out here!


down and out chic said...

i've always wanted to get a reader's journal b/c i can't remember a book after i'm done with it (isn't that awful?) we have so many books and i remember the good and the bad ones, i just don't remember any of the details. this journal would be just the fix.

naphtali said...

Down and out chic - I think this would be just the ticket then! It amazing how much information passes by...only to not remember certain details.

.:meagan.rae:. said...

these are so great!!!!!

naphtali said...

that mug would be great for work, Meagie!

g. said...

I love this line. Very clever and fun.


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