14 May 2009

{the farm chicks}

I love when people take a passion and turn it into a unique and fun business.  The Farm Chicks did just that and in 2002 their business started and they hosted their First Annual Antique Show.  I've heard a bunch about these clever gals...being since they're from Spokane, WA {my old stomping grounds}, but unfortunately didn't know much about them.  After a quick conversation with a dear friend last weekend, my curiousty peaked.    Why do I admire these 'chicks'?   1) They wear aprons all the time!!! Just because they want to. {I love aprons.}   2) Their book has some awesome recipes which I can't wait to try.  3) They're just plain clever.  Oh...and they make some cute things! This 'cake' necklace is adorable {and so is the tractor}!    Read more about them here! And...if you're in the area - they have another Antique Show coming up the first weekend in June!   **If you're looking for a new cookbook - I'd suggest theirs.  It just was printed in April 2009. Puchase it here!

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