24 May 2009


Today we're signing our lease and getting ready for the big move this week. Down-sizing is overwhelming, but at the same time liberating. Why worry about that though, when I can get sucked into these lovely pics! Of course...don't you know that it's research for our new place?! :) Loving grey {as always}....

and lately, I've been craving blue, seafoam green...or something random like that for our kitchen. Hmm. Don't know why - but it's in the front of my mind. Should I act on it?

What I really should be focused on {besides the move and all} is throwing a lovely picnic!!! Wouldn't this be a perfect dream for this long weekend?!

{via home sweet home & flickr}


Willow said...

I think seafoam green is a very fun color! But I would make sure, it's not too trendy, because it would be hard to change it, if you got sick of it!

Unless, you only did accents with it and those could be changed out easily, if you decided to change it up! But it is a sweet and summery color!

Also, I think it's a good color for a smaller kitchen!

down and out chic said...

seafoam green is one of my favorite colors (recently acquired). why not combine the two?! good luck with the lease signing.

Kenziepoo said...

Love these pics!! And I love the seafoam green in the Kitchen!!


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