05 May 2009

{may is here}

It's so strange to believe that it's already May! We had so much fun this past weekend, that I hope it's true of the entire month.

Friday night I got home from work and went straight to play tennis with Mister. Soon thereafter, he proposed we go to a Mariner's Game with our dear friends {Scott and Willow}. YAY! Of course I wanted to spend time with them. So...we rushed to get ready and headed down to the ball park. We had great seats. AND, Mister even caught a ball!!! He couldn't have been more thrilled! :)

On Saturday we packed up and went to Portland for the rest of the weekend before my bro moves. It was SO much fun seeing my "little brother" and his gf. We wish it could have been longer than just one night, but at least we had fun! Looking back it was quite "French", the weekend! We had fondue for dinner. Then woke up and went for some awesome crepes and coffee on 23rd. Yumm.

Boston is so far away, but will be sure fun to visit!

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