10 May 2009

{quiche for mom}

I can't believe that Mother's Day is this weekend! Not that I'm a mother, myself...but, do I have an AMAZING mom! Flowers are sweet and would be perfect in the photo above, but what I think is even a quiche. 1) I love making quiches (see here and here) and 2) my mom is always on the go and cooks the most amazing meals for everyone. So...what would I do if we lived near? I would bake a quiche, juice some oranges and set the table pretty for some one on one girl talk!

I sure love you mom!

{photo & recipe: martha}


Anonymous said...

Hi honey! Thank you! It would be so fun to taste your quiche and chat! I love you and miss you!!!!

kathleen said...

oops, that comment was from me, your maman!

Willow said...

Quiche is so good!!! What kind do you prefer?


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