13 May 2009

{i wouldn't mind....}

...taking off work and being by the sea today. Well, maybe in my dreams at least!

What would you like to be doing on the mid-week day?

{image :: anthropologie}


.:meagan.rae:. said...

oh to be in seattle...visiting my sis. i literally was thinking about a road trip yesterday! weighing my options, seattle is always on the top of my list for some reason:)

naphtali said...

Sissy - anytime you decide to 'road trip it' is fine by me!! We can go to the 'sea' together! :) hehe.

Willow said...

Would love to see and hold my baby today!!! Soon though, very soon :)

naphtali said...

Willow - that is the sweetest mid-week desire, ever! Soon darling...soon!


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