08 May 2009

{sleep time?}

This is what I need right now....sleep! But, for some reason, my mind is racing {at 3am}. *sigh*

Here's to a 'strong coffee' morning!


{photo, square america}


Kathleen said...

I was up at 3am too! I wish I would have known you were up-and would have loved to have a cup of tea together!!!

Julia said...

It's always a bit crazy when those evenings turn into late, late nights! God bless insomnia :) Ugh, I hope you had a good morning with lots of strong coffee!

naphtali said...

Mom! Tu sais...on peut prendre du cafe via skype! ;) Je t'aime beaucoup Maman. Bisou!

naphtali said...

Julia - Strong coffee indeed! LOL. So much for going to bed at a decent was ruined by insomnia. Happy weekend to you! :)


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