07 May 2009

{do I need this? no. do I want this? yes.}

This past weekend, after taking breakfast at a charming Crêperie...

Mister, Brother and my brother's GF all posied* around 23rd. I love visiting Portland. I do. We went in shop after shop, including Paper Source. Of course it's not a new shop to people, but it's a paper shop...and there's something completely wonderful about a paper shop. Be it big, or small I always delight in the little treasures that are cramped together in every little possible place imaginable.

I'm just going to say it: I've never been a big 'butterfly' person. {Well, except when it comes to the name in French. I sort of love, 'papillon'…} But, apparently I liked butterflies on Saturday. Every time I saw the reoccurring theme, my heart smiled. "Oh look at this, honey! Don't you think we need this?" ....and the rest is as you can imagine.
Do I need these? no. Do I want these? yes.

à la prochaine !

{*Yes, yes....posied may seem like a strange word to you, but I had no other way to describe the feeling of walking around. Perhaps I made up the word; I cannot be certain. All I know, is that it exists in my vocabulary...but, that's not saying much, since I apparantly make up words often.}


Lachesis Looms said...

Oh, I recognize that spot from when I went to Portland. So sad that bro is leaving it as it is my FAVORITE city and now I can't even dream of visiting him there!

naphtali said...

We talked about when you were there! That was so much fun shopping, etc. It's strange he's moving. Our plan of all 'living' there, doesn't seem to be happening. :o

Georgia B. said...

butterflies grow on me more and more as time goes by. you have posted some beautiful examples of this motif.

i found your lovely blog through your comment on red otter because i was intrigued by the name. so glad i did. :)

have a great weekend!

naphtali said...

Georgia B - thank yoy so much for stopping by! glad you like the blog. I agree...butterflies seem to be growing on me more and more too! Happy weekend to you!


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