06 May 2009

{lovely ceramics}

There's something so wonderful about simple pottery. Do you know what I mean? I'm referring to fresh colors, modern take yet classic functionality. Now that "I'm back" I've been perusing post after post and happened upon a mention of Pigeon Toe Ceramics by none other than Julia from the Red Otter. Julia always has a keen eye for lovely things, and this time was no exception. {Thanks for introducing me to a lovely shoppe!}

Happy Wednesday!


Julia said...

It's so good to have you back! We've missed you :)

Thank you also for the link love, always, always appreciated! Aren't their little pots and pitchers CUTE?

naphtali said...

Thanks Julia! It's definitely been too long!

SimplyGrove said...

These are so cute!! I LOVE the colors! Makes me happy for summer:)

Georgia B. said...

i saw those pitchers somewhere else recently. i just love them!

naphtali said...

SimplyGrove - I agree! The colors are perfect for this season in anticipation for summer!!

naphtali said...

Georgia - Maybe you saw them at the Red Otter?! It's where I first saw them and swooned. :)


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