08 August 2010

{home knit home}

I'm home.  :)  And though I'm happy to be back in my routine {which I haven't truly gotten back to...} I'm longingly remembering my recent trip to Scottsdale.  Our whole family joined for a perfect little vacation.  I love my family.  Seriously.

Through all of my adventures this summer, I still managed to find time to knit. {My newest obsession...}I'm knitting through my entire home. A great place to start: the kitchen!  These washcloths are so scrumptious to the touch.  Made from organic cotton, they are a perfect compliment to a sink full of suds. 

I've had a couple of friends request, let the knitting continue!  :)

First though, I must get reading through all of your blogs!!  My blog reader is full to the brim of new wonderful posts....How shall I ever get through them?! I also have some fun new recipes to share this week.  



Erin said...

I love knitting too. I think these look so pretty I don't even know if I could use them as washcloths. :)

Couture Carrie said...

I adore knitting!
These are gorgeous!

CC vie said...

Oh if only you two lived closer. We could knit!! I'm in desperate need of some friends who live close by that share my love! :) xx, Tal

Pure Mod Life said...

still madly in LOVE with these, consider this my order request :) get your etsy shop all ready, you talented doll.

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