23 August 2010

{congratulations, emily henderson!!!}

Who else was glued to the TV last night, waiting for the results of the next Design Star?! Or should I ask...who wasn't!?! Now, I don't claim to know anything about design; my area of love is food.  {That being said, I long to have a clue about it. } I love to be surrounded by beauty. Beauty in my home, beauty on a plate: it's all wonderful.  The Next Design Star, always "has me at hello".  And Emily Henderson {The Brass Petal}?! Well, she was on my radar almost immediately.  {Probably everyone is saying that now.  I get it.  But I don't care.  Let's just say when I found out she was a prop stylist and has done plenty of table-scapes...I became an immediate fan!}  Check out some of these gorgeous moments for insight to why I fell in love....

  Congratulations, Emily on your success and new show!!!  Your fantastic sense of style, hard work and amazing design sense is a true talent! 

This is the perfect example that design isn't just in the typical sense of the word....and all about a room/decor...but it also includes what's on a plate.  So make your dinner beautiful tonight! (Even if it's just yogurt...) :)

And to all the lovelies out there...keep up your passions!!  xoxo, Tal


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