23 August 2010

{congratulations, emily henderson!!!}

Who else was glued to the TV last night, waiting for the results of the next Design Star?! Or should I ask...who wasn't!?! Now, I don't claim to know anything about design; my area of love is food.  {That being said, I long to have a clue about it. } I love to be surrounded by beauty. Beauty in my home, beauty on a plate: it's all wonderful.  The Next Design Star, always "has me at hello".  And Emily Henderson {The Brass Petal}?! Well, she was on my radar almost immediately.  {Probably everyone is saying that now.  I get it.  But I don't care.  Let's just say when I found out she was a prop stylist and has done plenty of table-scapes...I became an immediate fan!}  Check out some of these gorgeous moments for insight to why I fell in love....

  Congratulations, Emily on your success and new show!!!  Your fantastic sense of style, hard work and amazing design sense is a true talent! 

This is the perfect example that design isn't just in the typical sense of the word....and all about a room/decor...but it also includes what's on a plate.  So make your dinner beautiful tonight! (Even if it's just yogurt...) :)

And to all the lovelies out there...keep up your passions!!  xoxo, Tal


Couture Carrie said...

Delicious post, darling!
That asparagus looks so yummy!


Willow said... have the talent to do this. Hands down!

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