31 August 2010

{pretty, pretty pale pink, rhubarb drink}

One of my newest favorite chefs is Laura Calder.  I've tried a couple of her recipes and read through several more.  I love her French food, cooking techniques and ever familiar "comfort" recipes.  One that I just learned from her is Rhubarb Water. I don't have a daughter yet, but one day...this pretty, pretty pale drink will be served at one of her tea parties. 

This recipe is SUPER just takes some time.  And, though I originally followed the recipe to a T, I did end up diluting it even more, as I didn't like it so sweet. Here's what to do: 

what you need...
2lbs Rhubarb, largely cubed
water to cover Rhubarb, boiling (about 4 cups)
Half Lemon, juiced
3/4 C sugar (I used 1/4 Cup and even more water than the recipe called for.)

what to do...
Cube rhubarb and place is a heat proof bowl.  Poor boiling water over the rhubarb.  Let cool (when finally room temperature, move to fridge for over night). The boiling water releases the color from the rhubarb and scents it with a delicate flavor. The next day strain rhubarb and re-boil the rhubarb water (discard the rhubarb).  Add in sugar and lemon juice, boiling until fully combined.  Chill completely and serve.  After completely chilled, make sure the flavor is to your liking. 

*Add more lemon if you need or more water if it's too sweet.  For me...I liked just the essence of the rhubarb and definitely preferred it less sweet. 

This drink is PRETTY and YUMMY!

Happy sweet Tuesday lovelies!!!



A Merry Mishap said...

Oh, I want to try this!

Punctuation Mark said...

that looks quite refreshing... i should give it a try for these hot summer days!

Couture Carrie said...

I love rhubarb!


Anonymous said...

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