19 July 2010

{la la la, life and all of that}

What a summer! Since the end of May I have been all around. I spent a long while with my family and dear, dear friends in Boise and also took a little tour to Portland, Seattle and Northern Idaho...seeing friends and family along the way.  Including lots of green!!! (Which is more than I can say about the current desert I'm living in.)

{driving into my little hometown in North ID.  it had been 3 years since I saw this view!}

It was incredible.....and.....the perfect distraction for me, as Mister was away training.  But, after two months apart (yes, two months) we headed for an away vacay to Florida. 


It was amazing!!  We stayed in a friend's beach house.  So yes, you guessed it: beach time every day, great food and of course golf for Mister.  A great little second honeymoon.

I guess it wouldn't be a post from me, if I didn't include some food.  Well, near the beach a little place claimed to have the best hotdogs.  Mister pretty much craved them the moment we saw the stand.  Me.  Well, if you truly know me, you know I NEVER crave hotdogs and really didn't want to test the company on their proclamation (nor would I have any authority on the subject) .  But, being that I wanted to make him happy...we made our way over.  AND....luckily, they had VEGGIE DOGS! (Yay!)

{happiness for mister...}

{happiness for me....veggie dog!}

{my favorite view this summer...}

Anyway - my bad for not bringing my computer and therefore, not keeping in touch.  

It is quite nice being back home though (even if I'm still getting used to Texas).  I mean in actuality, I finished all of our moving boxes, arranged all of our furniture, hung the last of the pictures and then jetted to Idaho 2 days later.  It's sort of fun being able to enjoy our new place.  But, I'm not getting too comfortable, because in a week, it's more family fun in Arizona.  Let's just say that coming from the Northwest, this has been a HOT, HOT, HOT summer: daily living in Texas (eek!), vacation in Florida (ugh!) and then on to Arizona (yikes!).  I'm seemingly getting used to the heat (not!), but hey...I've never been so tan. ;)

Can't wait to check out everyone's booming blogs.



Willow said...

WOW...that picture of the descent in Priest River brings back a flood of memories for me. I can't stop looking at it!! And those hot dogs...well they are to die for. They look exactly like "Chicago-Style" Are they??

Looks like you have had a marvelous summer. Lots of adventure and heat (BTW, you are almost as dark as Scott) HAHA!

Love you!

bronwyn said...

Sounds like a great summer! Welcome back. :)

C'est La Vie said...

oh good heavens, i now am craving a hot dog
dang it

Laura in Paris said...


Amanda said...

what an awesome summer so far! i had no idea they made veggie hotdogs! how neat! i'm glad you had a great time! :)

A Merry Mishap said...

Mmm, that veggie dog looks good!

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