11 August 2009

{morning café}

I'm thinking that these colors would be the perfect compliment to my pale kitchen....
And by the looks of them, I gather I'm getting in the mood for autumn. What am I saying?! I'm always in the mood for autumn!!

Either way, I could sip some lovely coco from these bowls or my morning café even. What? Didn't I tell you I was pretending to be French this week?! It's true. So, sipping morning drinks from bowls would be quite perfect.

What's that you're confused? Well, perhaps it's not entirely true of all les français, but one of my first memories in France was waking up to the smell of perfectly fresh bread and coffee served to me in a bowl. Countless times, I was served coffee in a bowl while visiting friends in France (but only in the morning). It's seems in the afternoon, a mug was the dish of choice.

Whether it be true of many or just the random luck of draw...there's something entirely soothing about taking your morning "hot" beverage in a bowl. I suspect that's why in the U.S. we now have over sized mugs.

It seems that tomorrow morning, I'll have to carry on the tradition (which I suspect is true)....And, if it's not true, then too bad. I guess my little kids will grow up thinking it is...and one day blog about how the French take their morning beverage in a bowl.

Happy Mardi Lovelies!


Kathleen said...

Tu es trop mignonne!!!

Kenziepoo said...

True or not true, I think this would be a great tradition for your little ones and I totally want to start this tradition with Kenzie!! How cute! :) Miss you!

A World in a PAN said...

You're very right, having cafe au lait in a bowl is very French! THis is something I could never get used to, though, I have my mroning coffee in a (small) mug!

littlebyrd said...

I think it sounds so great!

down and out chic said...

maybe if i drink my therflu out of a big bowl, it'll work better?


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