26 August 2009

{monday...eer...I mean wednesday inspires}

What does Wednesday inspire? Well, for me: Healthy Eats. I know this book is not new, but I recently purchased it and think it's well worth it!! Of course, some of the content is common knowledge: fresh fruit is definitely a better choice than syrup saturated canned fruit. Duh. But, this book does more than that. It says, "fine - you want to buy canned fruit? Well, then choose this one..."
All-in-all my husband and I try to have pretty healthy food around the house. When possible we go organic or opt for certain alternatives (primarily because of Mister's food allergies). BUT...come on -- we definitely indulge at times. My Mister loves to "forget" his wheat/gluten/dairy allergies, etc. So, how can I help?! By purchasing a "frozen pizza" that is just a bit better than another version, or stocking up on Cheerios instead of Smart Start (What?! I know...that was a shocker for me.)

And since life seems to never slow down, I've been interested in "grocery help" services. My dear friend told me about: Amazon Fresh. She's had great success with their products. Though there's no need to have groceries delivered every week, the occasional delivery could ease a bunch of stress. I have still yet to try them. I've also heard of great local delivery services, as well. The idea of it seems a bit "out of reach" - like it would be too costly, but you would be surprised!!

Enjoy a healthy day and definitely take a little bit of time to indulge every once in awhile.

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down and out chic said...

i've never heard about this service. i have a hard enough time getting supplies and such shipped to my home, i can't imagine what the post man would do with food!!

Willow said...

I looooove this Wednesday Inspires! That book would be great for us too....

Love you dear heart!

A World in a PAN said...

I also indulge in ... oh, the list is too long!


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