20 August 2009

{do i need this? no. do i want this? yes.}

I was searching through Remodolista last night and kept thinking how fun it would be to have some of the certain things below. I love how they echo an old Europe look. Either way - I may not need these, but i sure think I want them.

...a unique picnic basket set. {time to take advantage of the last days of summer.}

...sure my chair would definitely feel all British 'wearing' this pretty pillow!

...I don't want to own this, but I wouldn't mind taking a photo underneath the entry way!

....Do I really need to explain why this is so fabulous?!

...3 words: French Oyster Basket.

...I know I could find use for a vintage grainsack pillow!

...a local Seattle company. I would inherite great fabrics and support locally! {please Mister, please?!} much prettier then my plastic one at home!

...I would love to come home each day to this lovely yellow door in the midst of an English garden.

Happy Jeudi Lovelies!


down and out chic said...

i really like the pillow and the fans. the pillow is very preppy british in a cute way.

A World in a PAN said...

Oh, my constant struggle between needing and wanting to have something ...

Rachel Follett said...

My fan just broke and I really love that metal one you found! Hhmmm. I do need it. Love all your other picks as well especially that picnic set and great fabrics!

Children of the 90s said...

I love that light, it's so original and unique. It would be such a fun focal piece for a room.


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