18 August 2009

{hidden joi de vivre}

It may be a balancing act; it may be scary; it may be the unknown, but I'm embracing all of the change that Autumn is bringing. Even if it's not the change that I had 'planned for'. All I know is that there are great things ahead and I'm ready to face them. As pursuing further school seems a bit far off, I'm eager to find different ways to challenge myself in future months. Thanks to all for listening to me lately, as I seem eager to purge my base emotions. All I know is....I'm way too into pictures with big meaning behind them and THIS one is no exception!

Lovely, lovely Mardi to all!


Rachel Follett said...

I know what you mean about photos with meaning. This one is lovely!

A World in a PAN said...

Naphtali, I am still enjoying summer and would like it to last a little longer ... autumn is so long in Paris ...
I wish lots of strength and determnation whether Fall, Spring, or Winter!


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