17 August 2009

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You may be wondering what this lovely Crate and Barrel table has to do with change. But, please, let me explain. If you look closely - it's the same table being used in two different manners. Change. And if you notice, it capitalizes on kitchen and study. I'm here to update you on home and school -- a little personal update, if you will.

Where to begin: Study. As you may remember I was applying for an International MBA program. Well, folks - the program has been postponed. :( I received a call from the University, explaining that this was the first year of the program and they didn't generate enough interest; therefore, the program is postponed until next fall. All of the current students who have applied for it are booked for next year's program; however, they are also opening their doors to the traditional MBA program. So, do I want to wait an entire year for the perfect program or jump into something else? I'm thinking hard about what I want to do. But, admittedly had some baby tears in my eyes when I got the call. I was so excited about the prospect of it all.

Secondly: Home. Now, I know this will come as a shock to you. I'm still in shock. Actually - I'm just laughing about it all of the time. BUT, Mister and I are door. Ha! I'm serious, peeps -- you just can't make this stuff up. Actually, it's not as bad as some may think, but it is all extremely funny. We currently live in a duplex (one bedroom tiny little abode). When we moved in, the other rental (with 2 bedrooms + a laundry room) was unavailable. Just recently it opened up and our landlords gave us priority. So, after much consideration and many laughs, we decided to jump on it. The house is still tiny-tiny and the 2nd bedroom will be tight, but it will be more space. It's definitely older and could use some serious TLC in the kitchen + bath, but I'm somewhat excited.

So there you have it! I thought I was starting a season of school, but instead it seems it's another season to move. Not too bad - in the last year and a half this will be our 4th move. Doesn't that thought just exhaust you!?! It sounds a bit like we're odd, but each one has an explanation (primarily marriage move and Military). I hope that this will be the last time I'm writing a post like this for a long time!!

Either way - I think the table above would be a perfect place for us to eat dinner in our new home and maybe even inspire some studying.

Any change coming up in your life?!?


Willow said...

HAHA! I love it! You two are so funny :)

A baby in a few weeks is a pretty big change for me :)

SimplyGrove said...

Oh my gosh!!! I cant believe that Tal!!!! Another move??? Seriously!!! I am so glad its going to give you more space! Will you get to do what you want to it?? Fun fun. Love you

Lachesis Looms said...

I wish you the wisest of moments for your MBA decision. Love you.

jmae3 said...

haha...we lived on the same street growing up for 10 years! We lived in one house for about 3 years and then moved next door for about 5 years and then across the street for 2 years! It made for an easy move+you don't have to pack as well haha!

annechovie said...

I am happy for you abt your new place! Very cool.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

So sorry about the school! I say you might as well look at other options... who knows what you might find.

And that's hilarious about the move, but also pretty cool :)

down and out chic said...

i'm sorry about the program being postponed but something else is going to open up for you and one year is no time at all if you decide to wait!
have fun with moving (next door), it's a whole new place to decorate and i LOVE that table.
anything new for me? mmmmm, i opened an etsy shop that i'm excited about! that's really it though:)

[J] said...

I love this table!

A World in a PAN said...

This table is beautiful, I love glass tops, and like to combine modern and antiques. THis table is perfect - and multi-purpose!


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