26 June 2009

{weekend whimsy}

Apparently I can't stop just at the coffee table... My mind obviously needs to purge a bit more things I've come across. I love paper towels. (Can I admit that publicly right now?!) Either way, I do...but, these great un-paper towels from Athena Creates are a much better solution. Plus, look how pretty they from my grandmothers house. I think they'd definitely add some 'practical' whimsy to my weekend {especially if I had them hanging up on a clothes line}.

Found via Simple Lovely

P.S. Add more whimsy to your weekend over at Down and Out Chic. She's having a great 315Thomas Giveaway. Check it out!!


down and out chic said...

i don't just love paper towels, i love the workshop towels which are like three times thicker and an even bigger waste of paper.

you are not alone.

jmae3 said...

Haha I love paper towels too-but I can't bring myself to use them...we have cloth towels, napkins, tissues, diapers and I'd probably try to do "family cloth" (do a search on that one lol) But Alan draws a line...
My nana brings paper towels as a gift to Alan every time she comes over! She thinks I'm crazy-but she also goes through a whole roll in a day-she literally carries them around the house not realizing it! lol


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