22 June 2009

{adorned...} color. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm in a serious color craze right now. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm always too often partial to black and white, white and black or any variation of the two mixed together. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Several weeks back, I looked in my closet and realized that my choices were black, white, grey or blue. Hmm. Since then, I've purposed to look for things to bring some "pop" to my overall life. It was shortly after that, when my friend showed up to work wearing one of these rings. Cute. A perfect segue into adorning myself in full blown color. I've seen these around for the longest time, but am in the mood to be wearing one today (especially since I must confess that I'm wearing black pants with a white lacey top today. Goodness!}

If these aren't your style, check out the variety of rings they feature on their blog! We're talking...crazy designs.

1 comment:

down and out chic said...

these are so, so pretty.


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