22 June 2009

{if it looks like chocolate and smells like chocolate...}

Seeing this delightfully realistic scratch n' sniff stamp set over at Paper Schmaper sparked a curious memory. At one time in my life, I collected various stamps from France and other such places I had been to. I planned on using them for some brilliant project (of course!) in order to magnify great memories. What was I thinking?! I would never use them to cover a lamp shades (as one friend of mine did) or modge podge a journal (which was a great idea...) or find some other clever locations for these 'treasured' items. Nope. They (the few I managed to keep) are still in the little baggie, I had transported them in. They've been through about 6 to 7 moves...and since my design taste has naturally changed, they wait silently for their moment of glory.

Now I'm left feeling a bit guilty for the little guys, and seriously craving some chocolate.


Anonymous said...

fun paper! I know what you mean about getting cool things and planning to use them and... Oh well. I'm off to eat some chocolate! :-)

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

lovely post ... guess what I am doung right now ???

naphtali said...

Are you going to la poste?!? :)


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