26 June 2009


I have an overload of things on my mind, but in effort to slow down and gather my thoughts - I thought I'd share my new favorite piece of furniture (instead of listing a bunch of other things I want)! Besides, it feels good to stop and appreciate what you have sometimes.

I found this coffee table at a fabulous antique shop when visiting friends and family on our recent vacation. My dear friend, Kirsten (of SimplyGrove) motivated my purchase...and I can't thank her enough!

Of course, I have to have a disclaimer about the majority of the photo. Remember we just moved! :) One of the couches will be moved out this weekend, lamps, boxes and other such random things are still filling corners. Pillows are not set. I love the rug - which is now in our bedroom. And feel free to take note of the most recent glassybaby I acquired. (Isn't she lovely?) :)

Anyway...what do you think about the table?

Have a happy well-deserved weekend!



jmae3 said...

Ha you hauled that thing all the way from BOI? Of course Kirsten is devious in getting us to all try and make our homes better! haha
I love it! It's very pretty-I'm looking for one right now too-now that we have room for it! I'm going to put it over the round yellow/black rug from UO. Your rug is yum too! UO right? I'm thinking I saw it recently somewhere...

littlebyrd said...

I love it! LOVE!

SimplyGrove said...

YES!!! The table!! It looks so lovely and I love that rug! I cant wait to see more of your projects...hint hint
Now, would you like me to mail the bed to your house??


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