07 June 2009

{weekend project}

Well, as you can see {below} we still have piles in every random corner imaginable. Guess that's what comes with downsizing, but it's starting to feel like home!

One of my projects, this weekend, included lining cupboards with paper. It's hard to tell due to the flash on my camera, but the color is olive. I actually picked up this paper when we lived in Alaska. Never got around to using it and since the kitchen shelves needed some help, this was a perfect use.

I'm hoping this week is a little "kinder" on me. Work is a whirl right now and I'm down right sick of living in clutter. That being said, my motivation is sporatic. We leave for Boise this Thursday and I think the much needed vacation will be just the trick!

Happy Sunday!!


Willow said...

It's looking great! Can I come by this week after work? If not, then maybe after Boise!!!

naphtali said...

W - I would love you to come by!! Honestly, tonight or tomorrow is the best! It's still a mess, but much better than moving day ;)

SimplyGrove said...

What a great project Tal!!! Ummm, are you coming soon???

naphtali said...

Kirsty - we arrive Thurs night. Mister and I want to see you guys! We'll be in town for a week. Yeah!!

Kenziepoo said...

Looks awesome!!


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