19 June 2009

{Chakra Pennywhistle}

I have several 'kitchen' loves. Two of those loves include aprons and dish towels. What's even better though, is when they are combined! My heart swooned when I happened upon the adorable creations from Chakra Pennywhistle. I'm thinking one of these would be fun to add to my collection...

If you're looking for something outside of the kitchen, fret not! Chakra Pennywhistle also sells some adorable pillows and other such clever items.

Be sure to check out the adorable shop here!

Bon week-end !


littlebyrd said...

The aprons are so cute! I love the fit on them ~ yes! you must have one! Have a great weekend :)

[J] said...

Could that be a tea towel too?
Like the first one!

How was your drive home?

down and out chic said...

i really like the simplicity of these designs.

ticklishfromadistance said...

These are wonderful. I love how simple they are, no fluff. Great find!


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