28 June 2008

{the sun is shining in seattle!}

Saturday. What a wonderful day. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and it's on its way to being a hot day. Now, I'm not too fond of "too hot" days (and I have a feeling this day will be too hot), but I'm fond of the sun...for my flowers at least!

The lovely weather has made us want to venture outside. My dear husband is taking care of the "lawn" bestowed upon us. Renting. Oh the joys of renting...and "sharing" lawn responsibilities. Hmm. Not what we expected. It understandable to take care of that which is our "back yard"...but the street side? Hmm. Interesting. It appears we are the only ones concerned with the unruly "grass"...oh, let's just say it: WEEDS. So, we picked up a weedeater today and we are working on taming it. Did I say, we? Hmm. Not so much. I'm obviously posting this right now. The credit goes to my dear husband.

I'm focused on my lovely flowers. Above is my little herb garden. They are SO happy for the sun today! And directly below are some outside flowers I have in our back "area". These were a house warming gift from Scott and Willow Maurice. Dear, dear friends! Aren't they lovely?! The colours make my heart happy. And they look lovely our patio. Or concrete slab, as it would be.

And the last little picture is of my hydrangeas. I love these. Confession time. I tend to name my plants. The first person who ever knew this about me was my dear roommate, Kimberly. She and I are kindred-spirits because she names (or at least named) her plants too. Oh, the days of university. The second person, Krystal Bingham. How I loved living with her! Either way, the truth is out, let me introduce you to Grace. She's lovely and fits perfectly on our coffee table. Soon she'll have to move outside, but I'm enjoying her indoors for now.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!


Willow said...

The flowers look even more beautiful!!! You have such a special touch!!!

naphtali said...

Thanks willow! They really are beautiful!! (and that's thank to you guys!)

SimplyGrove said...

What lovely flowers Tal!!! I LOVE hydrangeas but Im sad to say I cannot keep them alive :(

Brenda said...

Beautiful! Don't flowers just make you happy? When ever I see beautiful flowers like these, they always make me smile & think "All is Well-God is good-Life is Beautiful".

Jmae said...

Um I too name my plants! Mainly foliage over flowers though because they seem to live better for me. My three babies are Violet, Mary and Peter. Mary was from Easter service 2005~she's the ol' lady of the bunch!
Your pillows are too sweet as well!

naphtali said...

THANKS Simplygrove! I'm hoping they last...I need to move them outside for any hope of survival, but I'm too selfish right now.

naphtali said...

Brenda - YES! Beautiful flowers DO make me so happy! You are so right...God is SO good!

naphtali said...

Jmae - I'm exactly like you!!! I get too attached to flowers when I name them, and they never seem to do as well as foliage. BUT, I'm giving Grace a chance! Love that you name your plants too!


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