27 June 2008

{our kitchen}

Anthony and I have yet to take any real photos of our new place...This is in part because, I'd be the only one to even think of it. Why the pics? share with you all of course! This seems like it would be an easy feat, but alas, I can't find my camera. (shh.) I managed to take a couple of pics with my phone and only took some of the kitchen. So, for now, here are a few of our kitchen.

I was supposed to get to the boxes today as I mentioned earlier...honestly, I made it through two. AND, I didn't even empty them. I was so excited by the memories inside, that I just went through the material, and packed it nicely back up. Hmm. Not the point. But, I'm happy. And ultimately, still lacking a camera. SO...I'll be posting more pics soon, but here's our kitchen for now!


moma lee said...

at least you have your priorities in first:) cute teapot, looking for one for my kitchen. any ideas?

naphtali said...

momma lee - i totally agree with you about priorities. haha. either way, i LOVE that teapot too! i had been craving it for weeks, and simplygrove actually sent it to me for a b-day present! it's "le creuset" favorite "pot" brand. but there are so many cute teapots out there! i'll have to round up some pics and share to give you some ideas!

SimplyGrove said...

I spot a "teapot"!!!


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