27 June 2008

{a NEW start}

Well, I've started a new blog. It's funny really. I love writing, and therefore have found a love for blogging...but, for those of you who faithfully follow my other blog, you will note that I fail to be consistant (primarily because I've been without internet, but that's besides the point). Don't get me wrong. I have much to say...but, though I love the other blog - it's purpose is for things revolving around the kitchen. And, though most of one's life revolves around the kitchen, I wanted to be able to express more day-to-day things with my friends, family and anyone who was just bored and looking for something to read.

THEREFORE, I commenced this new blog. I really do see life as an adventure. The adventure can be seen in the season or more simply in one tiny moment of a larger season.

What season am I in? Good question. It's a season of "new" and dare I say change. I'm a new wife, in a new city, starting (hopefully soon) a new job, looking for a new church, while finding parking on a new street. (Which might not seem that big of deal, but in Seattle...parking is a whole "thing" in and of itself.) Shall I go on? I'm decorating a new home and cooking in a new kitchen...I believe the point is taken.
I'm not's all quite fun and yes, adventurous. So, to connect this crazy life with you, this blog has been started. Yes, I have facebook, myspace and even plain old email, and now this!

What am I facing today?

Exactly! So...on with the task at hand.
à la prochaine! (Till next time!)


moma lee said...

yay, friend! so excited to hear the scoop on your "new", adorable life!

naphtali said...

thanks 'momma lee'. miss and love you!

Willow said...

I love this new's awesome! I love your other one too.....

Love you N


Rebecca said...

Nice blog! I keep being surprised by how many people I know that have blogs and I apparently didn't know about them! Be warned I will be checking your blog every day! :)

Anonymous said...

Saluuuuut !!! je suis si contente de voir ta nouvelle vie par ce blog, c'est super ! Ca à l'air vraiment très beau chez toi et çà ne m'étonne pas ! Gros bisous à vous 2... je vous aime... Kara.


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