30 June 2008


This will probably be one of the ONLY times I post something like this...but, it's appropriate as my husband and I just went to our first pro-baseball game together.

Living in Seattle has been so much fun! We definitely have decided to take advantage of all of the various activities this city has to offer...and therefore, we went to a Mariners game tonight. Hey, they may not be doing the best, but gotta support the team!

So...what do you have to have when venturing to the ball park? Hotdogs!

Now, I'm not a huge fan of hotdogs...but they are a "must" in my opinion when portraying the "perfect ball-park image".  So... I took a couple of bites and went with it.

Next time you're at a game (be it a pro-game, or a friendly competition at the park) enjoy your favorite food and drink...and most of all HAVE FUN!

(for a variety of hotdog recipes, click here!  not that just slapping it on the grill and adding your fave condiments isn't perfect enough for a hot summer's day!)

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