26 May 2010

{sweet treat tuesday - on wednesday: frozen yogurt, literally}

Last week the temperature was pushing the very high 90's chez moi.  I was craving something sweet, but had a couple of stipulations: 1) no oven, 2) light and fresh dessert, 3) figure friendly, 4) easy, easy easy.  Then, all of the sudden I had remembered a snack that I used to make: frozen yogurt.  How had I forgotten about this simple, yet satisfying dessert?!  I'm sure you've tried this or heard of this...but, in case you've forgotten about it (like me)....then here's a reminder to try this the next time you want to satisfy a sweet tooth. 

What you need...
*Yoplait Whipped Yogurt - your preferred flavor
* Fresh berries
* A little dish

What you do...
*Freeze Whipped Yoplait - preferrably over night
*Take out of freezer and let set for a second (it will help when scooping out)
*Top with fresh berries

Now....of course you can eat it out of the 'carton', but do yourself a little favor and make it special by scooping your dessert into a dish.  Growing up, my grandpa would always say: "never eat breakfast at a fast food place and never put cartons on the table."  Tables are so much prettier and a meal is much more enjoyable when you take an extra moment to 'dress it up'. 

Cheers to a simple and sweet day!!



Couture Carrie said...



Ces't La Vie said...

oh good gracious this looks SOOOO GOOD!!!

thenextarrow said...

i like to take the extra moment to 'dress it up'. this looks divine!

xo Alison

Willow said...

How funny! I've been doing this for as long as I can remember!! It's delicious and light. However, I need two whipped yogurts. One just isn't enough. I also add a little granola!!!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

that looks cool - great idea for getting my boys interested in a healthy dessert

Becs said...

That looks divine! We've got rain right now, but I'm going to try that when the sun comes out.

Kenziepoo said...

This looks so good! I think I will try this right now. :)

Viva La Fashion said...

yuuum! :D


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