18 March 2009

{choose your book....}

I don't want to go to work today. Nope! I want to go to Paris and visit my favorite bookstore. Shakespeare & Company. I love this little bookstore. When I lived in Paris, it was sometimes comforting to walk into a store that sold "English" litterature. I would find myself there often. People would peruse, spending countless minutes touching the old and new novels that sat on the old wood shelves. I still remember the smell that lingered. A smell of history.

Then after making a selection, I would take my "new book", choose a local cafe and sit for a quite afternoon of bliss.

Yes. This is what I'd rather do on this rainy Thursday!


Willow said...

Is it Thursday today? I thought it was Thursday all day, then realized it's Tuesday...haha.

I love a good book and coffee!

Willow said...

Did I say Tuesday? I am so messed up today...ok, I really believe it's Wednesday...good grief :)

naphtali said...

Oops! Too tired this week! LOL.

jmae3 said...

LOVE the smell of old books! My family has always loved to visit old book stores and just paruse the selection! A recent fav is a great little shop around the corner from my future BIL's fun!


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