08 March 2009

{a new start}

I'd soon rather forget the end of last year. Through a hectic maze of work, life, mishaps, joys and myriad emotion the year quickly came to a close and my blog stopped. However, it's a new year, things are under control and I desperately miss the blogging world! I miss checking up on old friends and new ones, on posting my opinion, reading about fun finds or even about nothing at all. So, I am back. Yes -it is time.

To manage my time, for now, I will be merging both of my blogs (belle chic cuisine and click clack; therefore, don't be surprised if you see a lovely little garden stool followed, by a three-course menu, followed by the lovely joys and outings of my family.

Either way, I'm so happy to be back and can't wait to catch up on the (uh-umm) 2000+ blog reads in my reader.... Well, maybe I'll have to "save those for later".

Here's a snapshot of what's happened in the past several months....including Christmas, our One Year Anniversary!, Redecorating and planting some fresh herbs for the upcoming season!

Christmas time!

Girls Night Out w/ Friends :: Dinner and to the Theatre

One Year Anniversary! We have found memories of our wedding and all of our amazing friends that we celebrated with!

Some redecorating to usher in Spring!

Adding to my collection of herbs

Cut my hair short!

I look forward to catching up with you all!!

Happy Weekend! :)


Shana said...

So happy to have you back!

naphtali said...

Thanks!! It's about time. LOL.

jmae3 said...

Oh tal you have no idea how happy this makes me! I actually saw you on my blog roll as updated and though---click clack??? Who's blog is this again? oops sorry! But I'm so happy to have updates again-loving your decor and other such pics!

naphtali said...

Oh - hi Jamie!! It's so good to be "connected" again. I look forward to getting back in the game. :) Love and hugs to you :)

[J] said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Your house is great + I love your hair! It suites you!!

naphtali said...

Thanks Jenn! Hope you're doing well. We're sooo happy for you and J! :)

Lachesis Looms said...

glad to have you back, lovey!

SimplyGrove said...

Welcome back Tal!!!!! I hope Anthony is feeling better! Love you so much!

naphtali said...

Thanks Kirsty! It's about time right?! :) Love you much and can't wait to see you. mwah!


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