03 September 2008

{kathryn ireland}

After putting up the pictures of the beautiful Spanish-style home for {exteriors} post of Kathryn Ireland, Mrs. French from Bliss commented on what the interior must be like.
{While we are on the subject, can we just take a moment and acknowledge that I just said Mrs. FRENCH. I know. *sigh*...could that be MY name? Hmm. Mrs. Murphy-French...Mrs. French-Murphy. No. It doesn't work, but I'm fine with that, cause I love my name. I'll just be a French Mrs. Murphy!! lol. Ok, moving on...}
I realized that perhaps some people may not be familiar with this house, thought I'd post the interior shots! This home was designed by architect Austen Pierpoint; however {I believe} the inteterior was done by Kathryn herself. Hmm. I may be wrong, and honestly haven't done the appropriate research. However, I'm pretty sure.
Though this isn't my personal style of interior, I think it looks JUST LIKE Kathyrn's work {as she does textiles and design}. Oh, duh - it MUST have been decorated by her. Well, either way here you go!

If you're an advid House Beautiful reader, then you will have recognized these shots from the March issue {and therefore this is a "revisit"}; otherwise, enjoy the unique aspects of this home.

It's already Wednesday? Man, I love short weeks!


Lachesis Looms said... can be Mrs French if I can be Mrs Ireland!

Jmae said...

What WONDERFUL fire places! I think this is what I miss most of my family homes. I keep thinking about getting one of those fake corner ones? Probably not the same effect. All those rooms are great.

Mrs.French said...

I am fainting...It's gorgeous! That's it...I officially want to move need to camp out in the beautiful yard I love the inside just as much...sigh...

can you believe I used to hate my name? when I married Mr. French, I thought it sounded a bit sleezy (not by itself, but with my first name "Traci French")...I now embrace it...glad you like it!

Julia said...

Yeah, so you're definitely a kindred spirit :) Not only do I love House Beautiful, no matter which issue, but you happen to pick some of my all time favorite images from their issues. I would love to decorate my house like this! There's something so appealing and so chic if start with white wall and then add splashes of color :) YUM! Always satisfies!

Bronwyn said...

I love it, especially the top room with the little alcove, the bedroom and the bathroom. I like the use of pattern and bright colours in these interiors.


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