08 September 2008

{Alicia Bock Photography}

I love photography, that's why when I saw Alicia Bock's Etsy shop my heart simply smiled.

Alicia describes her style as Fresh, Modern and Vintage Inspired, and that is exactly how I would classify her work. These are just a small sampling of what she has for sale. Check out her full collection here!

{This one, entitled Loveletters, is my favorite!!! I love typewritters. I actually recall seeing this photo elsewhere/on another blog, but can't place where at this moment. Hmm. ...if I commented on this/on your might just have to remind me. It's been quite a long day. But, it will come to me!}


Willow said...

I love the shoe pic!!!

Of course, I would....haha

rachelle said...

I love these pictures!! It makes me smile too!

Mrs.French said...

she was my first etsy love...the feelings have not faded. Enjoy!

SimplyGrove said...

What a great find Tal!!!

Lachesis Looms said...

wow...I love the bicycle. Seriously wish that I were just a tad closer to work so I could ride one, but living in the mountains means LOTS of hiills (like the whole way) and a 35 monute commute in a car going 50 mph. Just not THAT into a bike. = )

Tiarra said...

Wow, I love these.....the typewriter is great....might have to put that in my office. ;)

Mila said...

I love love love her photography!
I ordered one of her polaroids at Etsy a few months ago, for a very reasonable price. I am still very happy with it!



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