02 September 2008

{j'aime EXTERIORS}

{I heart exteriors}

I have been seriously into exteriors lately. I've always enjoyed driving around and looking at homes, but lately...I can't get enough! {sigh} I love many different styles of homes, but in all honesty my favorite {or at least where my eyes find the most delight} is primarily in the Craftsman Style and more specifically Bungalow Style/Arts and Crafts. I don't think these are always the most majestic/angels singing sort of homes, but I love them. Living in Seattle, I am surrounded daily by this style. It was as if, everybody put up homes between 1900 and 1920 {the Craftsman-style era}. I noticed that the styles of homes I love in Seattle are also what I favor in Spokane and other parts of Washington. AND when I moved to Boise years ago, my favorite area hands-down was the North End. The homes are simply adorable. No modern architecture there. But alas, I understand the "pain" evoked by owning and older home. Updating the plumbing, wires and all would be the way to go.

Can I have an older home on the outside//and mixed in to the archways in the interiors, with the space and convenience of the modern on the inside? It’s definitely possible. Plus, give me the old with an amazingly new kitchen.

Why am I talking about Craftsman's-style, when above it's clear that this is a Spanish-Style home? My eyes light up at Craftsman homes, sure; however, I also appreciate so many other styles. In fact, our dream home {referring to Anthony and me, of course} includes a Modern-day Neocolonial home, which is a more romantic version of the historic Colonial-style homes. {Though I do fancy Tudor homes and everything in between.} Well, either way :: it's called {dream home} for a reason.

All of this to say :: I am really into exteriors right now. So, to commence with my first "exterior" post {which will most likely become weekly}, I couldn't resist this lovely Spanish-style home by architect Austen Pierpoint.

This home is truly lovely!! Would it work with my {dream interior}? Which by the way :: my husband likes!!! I know. Yeah.

{Pictures courtesy :: House Beautiful}


Mrs.French said...

I am so ready to pack up and move here and I have yet to see the inside! Great highlight! Oh and I am loving your blog so much...I will be back!

Willow said...

I think you can do WHATEVER you want! So if you want this type of exterior and a specific interior...then why not? Life's too short!

P and I love looking at homes. We get great ideas on exactly what we want. One thing for sure: taller counter tops...we have always had to lean over to prepare food/wash dishes etc.....haha

naphtali said...

Mrs. French! Thanks for the comment and let me just say that it inspired me...I will be posting the interior shots tomorrow. Glad you're liking the blog! {see} you soon!

naphtali said...

I so agree W! I don't want this exterior...but, I do think it's gorgeous. We love looking at homes. And p.s....I agree with the TALL counter tops. You guys need them!!! {Us little folks will stick with the shorter versions.} :p


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