18 March 2008

{cooking chic}

I developed a fond love for aprons at a very young age. I remember baking at my grandmother's house, or helping my mom and always requesting my favorite "strawberry print" apron. There were brief periods of time when I'd forget about my love for the simple accessory, but the moment I rediscovered the familiar piece of cloth, my heart would become overjoyed. For me, when I put on an apron, I feel beautiful. Perhaps it's a bit "1950ish" to some, but for me, I love it. There's something highly romantic about cooking with an apron. Even if it's all in my head, I'm also convinced that my meals even taste slightly better when I'm "dressed up to cook".  

Besides the fun fact of wearing an apron, it's actually quite practical. Let's face it - if you have a love for clothes...they aren't always cheap. And if you're like me, it's impossible to keep entirely spot free, while mixing flour and eggs, and frying up some crisp bacon. (well, the bacon's for my husband.) Either way, if you want to change up your cooking routine, try putting on an apron!  Here are some of my favorite aprons. I've since moved on from my lovely (and way too long) strawberry apron, and am currently obsessed with my yellow Stockholm Floral Apron from Anthropologie {posted above}. I really only wear full aprons, but I've included some cute half aprons from Anthropologie as well. (Ok. Ok. I know, I'm a little obsessed with Anthropologie aprons, but I love them. They're stylish and the prints are perfect for spring!) I also included another apron I love from Jessie Steel. It's quite belle chic!

Anthropologie 3-D toile

Anthropologie Needle Art (also comes in other colors)

Jessie Steele Apron

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