27 March 2008

{candle fever}

Candles, candles, candles. I have a burning love for candles. I've always loved them around while ...taking a bath, reading, working, and even cooking! (Yes, cooking...if you are known to "cry" while cutting onions, try burning a candle in the same vacinity. The candle's fumes will help with the tears!) I know I'm not alone in this sentiment of loving candles. Many feel the same as I do. So, for all the candle lovers out there - take a look at the following candle votives! They are made by glassybaby. These delicate, yet very durable glass cups make the perfect accent to any room, including the kitchen. They can be used as a vase, but a candle flickering through the 70 different colors offered, will warm up any atmosphere!

I first saw these beautiful pieces on a visit to Seattle. While at a friend's house, I noticed them placed all around their chic home. After inquiring, I found out that these beautiful glass-blown creations were made right there in Seattle! Ever since my visit, I've wanted to start a collection of my own! (But, they're quite pricey. Even so, i think that they're worth it.)

The glassybaby site offers much more depth to the maker and to the peices offered. I definitely enourage you to take a look, and be inspired. Please enjoy the following pictures! (Oh, and if you're thinking about b-day gifts for me....haha, j/k!) Enjoy!

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