02 February 2011

{snow days are a good day for catching up!}

It's true.  I haven't blogged for months {and I'm ashamed to say so...}!  :/  I guess it took a 'snow day' to set my priorities straight.  Well, that and the countless emails, texts, facebook messages and glares.  {juuuuust kidding.}  Either way, here I am: blogging!  But where should I start?  These last many months have been crazy.  Seriously.

In September I started a Masters program for my MBA.  I love(d) the challenge, focus, and of course meeting people!  Oh and I finally got a MacBook.  Joy!  And, my lovely little sis (that I spoke about HERE) moved to Paris.  Oui !!!

I met some more Army wives.  They are fantastic!  It's a nice feeling to be able to relate to those around you!  Also, Anthony took me to see AUTUMN!!  We had to drive a couple hours north, but it was worth it. :)

{Mister spontaneously took me on a two hour drive, so I could see some fall colors! It was SO worth it!!}

{I also made up this yummy pumpkin soup (with a dollop of plain yogurt).  The flavors brought 
some yummy comfort to the fall season!}

I spent Thanksgiving with some local friends as my husband had to travel home last minute.  Admittedly, it was a hard week.  But, I had fun with friends and enjoyed some yummy food!  Because Mister was going to be gone, we started decorating for Christmas early!  It made my heart so happy and so cozy! ;)

Christmas!  Need I say more?  I love the Christmas season!!  Our decorated house was so cozy.  And, this was going to be the first year Mister and I spent Christmas morning at our own place, with just the two of us!  BUT....gotta love the Army! He had to work on Christmas, so we ended up celebrating on the 24th.  So, I filled my home with Christmas cookies and delivered them to some of our neighbors that couldn't go home for the holiday either!  It was actually a lot of fun. So no complaints. :)

{My Christmas Cookies!! This was just a portion, since the recipe made a TON!}

This past month was a doozy.  School was going strong, life was on path and then bam! My dear Mister received Deployment orders. :/ Also, though I was doing well in school, I just made the decision last week to put further classes on hold. It's good.  I promise!  I can start them back up, but I need life to settle down a bit.  One thing that has helped with the stress is a Treadmill!!! Yes, we got one.  And it's awe-some! It was our Christmas and Anniversary gift!

{I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend!  3 years already, and yet at the 
same time, it feels like I've always been married to him.}

So here I am at the beginning of February, facing the mountain of another deployment, enjoying every moment I have with my Mister while I can, trying to keep our home cozy (even with the lit Christmas Tree all put away), continuing to dust like crazy - thanks to the never ending dusty wind that this city offers, reading a lot, and knitting even more.  And today...enjoying our first snow day!

You're all caught up and I'm sure suffering from an overload of information!!!

Cheers to 2011 and a better year of blogging!!



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