10 October 2008

{thanks to YOU}

I {like most} have had a crazy busy week...all the while craving to "CREATE". I am overwhelmed with current whims {that my husband graciously supports}. This isn't a new facination with me, but definitely a stronger motivation. I wondered what has propelled this...and then I thought of YOU.
My first thanks desearvingly goes to one of my best friends, Kirsten of SimplyGrove. Her friendship, neverending encouragement and decor genius has inspired me for years. But, in all was because of HER that I started a blog. "A great way to keep in touch with the distance between us." And...because of her, I was introduced to so many other wonderful inspirations!

{My lovely sister, Amber. Above is the wedding gift she made my husband and I!}

{As long as I've know Jennifer from A Merry Mishap, I have been in awe. Her talent is incredible. Above is a sample of her work....a pillow that I l-o-v-e.}
Below are bloggers that I have since met {in this never ending blogoshere} and admire greatly! Their creations are delightful!

{The amazing photography above --and so much more-- is by Mrs. French of Bliss. Check out her shop here! --and don't be shocked if you receive some of her work for I'm in LOVE with the pictures.}

{The above....sigh!...are created by Little ByRD. They are positively delightful, as are the rest of her creations!}

{Krissy from Paper Schmaper must lead the most facinating life! Her attention to paper detail is amazing. Her blog features incredible works of art...even somewhat unbelievable and her shop features not only the adorable pieces above, but so much more!

{These journals above -- or as I like to call them "Skip Along Books" -- are darling. Julia from Red Otter offers great detail on each of her pieces. Check out more here!}

Most of the people mentioned, know each other...but, for my dear friends and family that haven't checked out the above inspirations: this weekend is a perfect time! You will be filled with delight!
Happy "creative" weekend!!


Julia said...

I have goosebumps! This honestly just made my day! Thank you so much :) I'm so, so glad that you decided to start blogging, you've been such a delight :)

Best of creative weekends to you, darling!

SimplyGrove said...

Thanks Tal!!!!! This made my day as well!! I didn't check my computer most of today so your mom told me that you wrote this and when I read it I wanted to come to Seattle and hug you:) I love you more then you know!

*kk* said...

hey tal! just thinking of you:) how you guys doing? Thanks for leaving comments on my post.. I miss you and I will keep in touch better:) i loved this post and I really like the photography on here.

Anonymous said...

They're all so talented! Loving Julia's journals!!!

littlebyRD said...

You are so sweet to feature everyone and boy was I surprised to see my hats tucked right in there with all these other goodies! Thank you!!!!

::{J}:: said...

Thank you so much Naphtali, you're so sweet! You really must not be in awe, I'm not that impressive! ;) I appreciate your wonderful compliment and hope that things are going wonderfully for you & Anthony up in Seattle! Bless you!

Mrs.French said...

I am honored to be part of such a truly lovely list of bloggers...I am just as happy to have found you...xo


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