30 March 2010

a serious case of the hiccups...

Sometimes I get the hiccups. At first they seem mildly interesting. The body is slightly out of control, with an intruding noise exiting ever so delicately...or not so delicately, rather. After a while though, the hiccups are annoying. They take away concentration and impede on an otherwise wonderful moment. Why am I bringing up the hiccups, you ask? Well, in the "blog" world, I just had a serious case of them. But, as generally the case, I'm over it and thus, back to this mysterious world of writing one's thoughts, posting random pictures and praising creativity. Yes, I am back to blogging.

These past few months have been filled with an insane amount of change. At the end of 2009 I was working overtime on a weekly basis, doing a terrible job keeping up with friends, my home and yes...this blog, and trying to enjoy the holidays with the knowledge that soon my world may be changing. After just a year and a half in one of my most favorite cities, Seattle, my husband got word that we'd be moving. Just six weeks after we heard the news, boxes were packed, friends were hugged and we were on our way to Texas. Texas?! Though Texas is a wonderful all-American's not the Northwest. Admittedly tears were shed. But, hand-in-hand, with brave faces, Mister and I arrived - just as we were ordered.

We've been in the city for 6 weeks and in our home for just about 4 weeks. Our house is slowly becoming a home, and this very dusty city is slowly growing on us. As I've been working from home, my time is definitely more manageable. So...I'm back to blogging!!

Anyway - enough writing! Though we're in Texas, it more feels like Mexico. Not a single "y'all" has been heard, nor the traditional accent that one might think. In fact, if I'm going to leave with any accent, it may be Spanish! (What will that do to my French?!) Either way, I told Mister that I could handle living in a dusty, brown long as I could see some sort of mountain. Here's our view! And though they're not full of wonderful pine trees, the rock's reddish hue is every so slightly growing on us...



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